Kyle Henson is a reformed republican working at a startup making water filters for emergency relief in Pittsburgh. Aside from slowly convincing his coworkers to become libertarians, he enjoys playing guitar and maniacally attending music festivals. His favorite food is cheese and he thinks John Kasich wasn’t really that bad.


Mike Eichert is a management consultant currently working and drinking coffee in New York. A recent undergrad business major, Mike attempts to maintain a healthy, Greenwich Village lifestyle in spite of his robber baron inclinations and shameless appetite for red meat. In his free time, Mike enjoys reading, playing squash, and whipping up dishes that he hopes would make his little Italian grandmother very proud.


Rohan Gulati is a free speech enthusiast currently working at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He is a rising senior majoring in Economics at Brown University. His political orientation can best be described as “bipartisan-curious.” When he isn’t pontificating about his opinion on recent Supreme Court cases, Rohan can be found watching the West Wing on Netflix.


Connor Boyle, a former apprentice Cheesemonger, is currently employed as a health and benefits consultant in Philadelphia. He will complete his undergraduate degree in Economics at UPenn in the coming school year but secretly enjoys his fine arts minor more. An avid epicure, Connor is also a passionate ultimate frisbee player and proud born-again Whig.